How to take care of your jacket?

Before washing empty all pockets, close all zippers, undo fasteners and buttons, loosen strings and turn the jacket inside-out. Down jackets should be washed separately.

We recommend two methods for washing down jackets: 

Method I – in the washing machine

You should select a temperature no higher than 35 degrees and a delicate wash cycle. Place the jacket and a towel, which will additionally fill the drum, in the washing machine. Use an agent intended for washing down. Do not use a fabric softener. 

Method II – manual washing

Prepare lukewarm water with a temperature of approximately 35 degrees and an agent intended for washing down. Place the jacket in the water and knead delicately. Rinse several times until the agent dissolves completely. The jacket should not be wringed, but rolled (like a delicate sweater). Knead excessive amounts of water out.

Drying and spinning

The washing machine should spin at a low speed (max. 400) and it is necessary to re-rinse at least once. The jacket can be dried in a drier – temperature cannot exceed 40 degrees. The jacket can be dried on a hanger in a ventilated and warm place, occasionally flicking, which will allow the down to return to its initial form.

The jacket can dry for several days – it depends on its thickness and drying conditions.


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