How do we sew down jackets?

Polish goose down is appreciate throughout the world. In combination with the best quality materials it allows us to create perfect down jackets. Depending on the purpose and model, our jackets will ensure you optimal temperature not only during severe winter, but also during moderate autumn and spring temperatures. Goose down also has excellent breathing properties. In the jackets produced by us, we only use down, and not feathers. Each batch of down, we use, has appropriate quality certificates. 

Sewing jackets is our passion, see the stages of creating Manblu jackets. In total there are twelve steps – however for us the last one is most important – your first impression when you try it on!

Step one - measuring

When you send us your measurements, our tailors must accurately verify whether they do not deviate from the standards too much. If we have any doubts, we will contact you.

Step two – drawing and modeling

Then, we have to reproduce the desired pattern on the sewing forms – here each jacket will be different. Based on your measurements and guidelines a specific jacket model is created.

Step three – cutting material

Based on previously prepared materials, we can start creating patterns for cutting, and then cut. It is one of the most important steps – the experience of our tailors is essential here.

Step four – drawing chambers

Having materials ready and cut, we can start drawing pillows on all cut parts. We fill such pillows with down.

Step five – assembling accessories

You jacket starts to take shape and take on color. Now we start to assemble the necessary accessories - rubber bands, zippers, labels.

Step six – sewing

After such long preparations we can start the initial phase of sewing and prepare the so called bill of down for the jacket selected by you.

Step seven – filling the jacket with down

Each previously prepared pillow is sewn initially and filled manually with down – here diligence and accuracy are essential. Your jacket takes not only shape, but also individual character.

Step eight – sewing the chambers

Having finished filling the pillows with down, we can start sewing the chambers precisely verifying the infill. We also pay special attention to have down arranged evenly.

Step nine – combining elements

We complete tailoring works and the tailor combines all the elements into one whole. Your jacket takes final shape. At the end we take care of functional details – zippers and pockets. The zippers used by us are manufactured by YKK – a trusted partner.

Step ten – final spreading

Now only care and giving final shape to your jacket are left. Professionally we call it “spreading”. We can see how your jackets presents itself – you still have to be patient.

Step eleven – quality control

The jacket is given to a person responsible for quality control. We will check and precisely verify all elements, and in case of any doubts the jacket return to the tailor for minor corrections. 

Step twelve – packing and shipment

Your down jacket is ready – it is time for the logistics. Because it is not just up to us, we try to secure the jacket very precisely for transport. You should receive an e-mail from us informing you about shipment and the possibility to track the shipment.

Your first impression after trying it on

For us this is the most important step – from this moment you can start wearing your jacket with pride! If you are satisfied, inform your friends about your new purchase, and if you have doubts – feel free to contact us. 


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