How long does it take to make a jacket? 

Production of a jacket takes approximately 21 days. Our jackets are produced for you of the best quality carefully selected materials. All measurements prepared by you are precisely verified considering their correctness and then we prepare all the necessary templates. When the jacket is ready, we carefully check whether the end product meets all our quality requirements. The entire process of sewing, assembling and verifying is conducted manually. We put a lot of effort into each jacket apart from the down. If you would like to know how the sewing process looks, go to the tab „How do we sew?”

Do I have to pay for delivery?

No, we provide free worldwide shipping. 

What is the durability of the product?

Our products last for several years of intensive exploitation. We use only proven materials so that our clients are satisfied both regarding patterns, quality and durability of the jackets produced by us.

Why Polish goose down?

For a very simple reason – Polish goose down is one of the world's leading downs and it is appreciated by numerous very demanding clients. Down properties ensure thermal comfort regardless of temperature, and the jacket will always maintain the appropriate breathability. Down is also extremely light, elastic and compressible, regardless of how much you compress it, it will return to its initial volume.

Are the jackets filled with down or feathers?

Our jackets are filled with goose down.

I am not sure if I provided the right measurements? 

We invite you to use to the tab „How to measure correctly”, as you will find all the necessary guidelines there. However if you have doubts regarding the measures, contact us or print a special form and go to the nearest tailor. A professional will take your measurements for a small fee, and you will be certain.

How does the complaint or warranty work?

Pursuant to the law, you are entitled to make a complaint and use the warranty of the produced product. We will not accept or take into account complaints regarding incorrect measuring.

What are profiles?

We believe that our products will meet not only your expectations, but also the expectations of those closest to you. Having established an account, you can easily provide not only your measurements, but also your children’s. Thanks to the profiles you will be able to see the prices adjusted to the measurements of those closest to you. 

Can I check the order status?

Yes, we will notify you about all progress changes in the production process via e-mail. Additionally, you can check it yourself, signing in on the website.

What is "cuin"?

Cuin is down elasticity. In the description of each product you can find precise information about elasticity of the selected down used by us. Generally speaking, the higher the ciun, the more elastic the down is. However this value should be adjusted to a particular product, model and manner of use. In some models you will be able to change this parameter. Each batch of down, we obtain, has an appropriate certificate, confirming its quality.



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