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It's what's inside that counts. What's so special about down?

The fill determines the lightness and functionality of a jacket, as well its insulating properties. At Manblu, we know that down is the best raw material and that's why we use it to fill our jackets. Interestingly, the structure of goose down can't be recreated by machines or by means of any other technology, and it's for this very reason that Manblu opted for down of the highest quality.[more]

Made-to-measure down jackets

Although each and every one of us is of different built, clothes manufacturers tend to use only standardized sizes. So, instead of feeling comfortable, we aren't all that happy about how the clothes fit us. Jackets, which are not supposed to restrict our movements in winter time, often turn out to be uncomfortable, and we don't feel at ease when we wear them over a layer of clothing. [more]

What to wear down jackets with?

Putting together an autumn outfit, not to mention a winter outfit, can be particularly challenging – as women in particular know. Indeed, combining style and fashion with good protection against the wind, snow and frost is not an easy task. Goose-down jackets are a great solution – they don’t need to be very thick and are unparalleled in providing effective insulation. We will tell you what to wear down jackets with so that you feel comfy and great even in the coldest days.[more]


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